Community Ministry Grant: Congregational Asset Mapping

On Sunday October 23rd we engaged in a special kind of liturgy (asset-mapping), so that we could begin to see the gifts and assets the Trinity community possess. For those of you who participated: THANK YOU! It was a unique morning and eye opening for many of us about the variety of ways God has blessed and led our congregation.

The asset-mapping exercise was part of the first of three stages in a grant application process we are currently engaged in. Trinity applied for and was one of 30 churches selected to take part in the Community Ministry Grant program offered through the Center for Congregations. We now have the opportunity to apply for a matching grant (up to $30,000) to start a new community ministry after walking through three steps: learning the strengths of the congregation, hearing the needs of the community, and using that knowledge to design an appropriate ministry.

We have assembled a team of eight people who are collecting data from the congregation through a.) asset-mapping and b.) informational interviews. We are currently sorting through the data you provided during the asset mapping liturgy and will report back about our findings in the coming weeks. We hope you will continue to be a part of this process not only through prayer and participation on Sundays, but in the months to come as we continue this process.

If you have any questions about the grant or any thoughts from the asset-mapping liturgy, contact AnnaLee Traeger at