What We Believe

More than 1 out of every 4 people at Trinity Church is a child between the ages of 0 to 11. The well-being and faith development of these little disciples matters dearly to God, and it matters dearly to us, as a church, as well.

The reality is that these children depend on us—moms and dads, and spiritual aunties and uncles—to pass on our experience of knowing, loving and serving God. This is an important and humbling responsibility. And so we look to God and to one another as we seek to answer the question: “What is it going to take to raise up the next generation of disciples?”

What follows is the Trinity Kids Ministry mission statement, a list of what we believe, as well as what we are striving to do to respond faithfully to this challenge:

The mission of the Trinity Kid’s Ministry is to come alongside parents in guiding our children to become followers of Jesus, participating with the Trinity community on our common mission to love God, one another and a broken world in Jesus’ name.

We believe that parents, before any institution, have the primary responsibility for the spiritual development of their children (Deuteronomy 6:4-9 & 11:18-21; Ephesians 6:4). However, as a faith community, we have the opportunity to work together to raise our kids to know, love and serve God. To this end, we have structured our kid’s ministry as a co-op where all parents participate in serving on a rotational basis in our children’s Sunday morning classes.

We believe, in accordance with Deuteronomy 6, that parents should take every opportunity to talk about God’s love and faithfulness, intentionally creating reminders for themselves and for their kids to pray, read Scripture, share stories about life and faith together and to model Godly values to their kids. As a faith community, we will choose curriculum and tools that will help equip one another, as parents, to carry out this task.

We believe that kids need an environment where the Truth of Scripture is presented to them in age-appropriate ways. In addition to being age-appropriate, these learning environments should be safe and comfortable, creative, interactive, educational, inspiring and relational. We will seek to create these environments for our kids at each Sunday gathering.

We believe the soul care of a child is an awesome opportunity and responsibility. Friendships children form with those who lead them are among the most influential relationships they (the child and the leader) will have in the community. For this reason, we encourage all adults in the faith community (even those who are not parents) to prayerfully consider getting involved in this critically important task of teaching and leading our kids.

We believe that there is immense value in having our children participate in a portion of the worship gathering with their parents. As little disciples of Jesus, our children should be included as full participants in the worship experience and see community worship modeled through singing, liturgy, scripture reading, giving of tithes and offerings, the sharing of stories of God’s faithfulness, and occasional participation in communion.