Unit Intro:  The Holy Spirit and the Followers of Jesus

After Jesus ascended into heaven, Jesus' followers received God's gift of the Holy Spirit so Jesus could be with us always, in every time and in every place.  In the early church, the Holy Spirit filled Peter, Phillip, Dorcas, and John - among others - and caused them to do wonderful things in the name and by the power of Jesus.  As we listen to their stories, we can see the gift of the Holy Spirit is for us, too.  The Spirit can fill our hearts and affect the actions of our own lives, as well.  

May 21st:  Dorcas, Follower of Jesus, Helps the Poor in Judea

Dorcas, by the power of the Holy Spirit, helps the poor in Judea.

Bible Story: Dorcas Helps the Poor in Judea • Acts 9:36-42

Explore the Story....Let’s dig into God’s Word:

-Reread the story together.

-I wonder why Dorcas was ‘always doing good’?

-What special way had God gifted Dorcas to love others?

-I wonder what Peter prayed before he spoke to Dorcas?

-If God had not made Dorcas alive again, I wonder if the people would have believed that Jesus was the Christ?

Tell A Story...Let’s share who we are as followers of Jesus:

-What sorts of ‘good’ do you like to do?

-What sorts of ‘good’ is difficult for you to do?

-Dorcas loved others in her own special way. What special ways has God gifted you to love? Encourage your family members to add to your list.

What if We Lived the Story?....Let’s follow the leading of the Holy Spirit:

-Dorcas loved and served by the power of the Holy Spirit. Sit in silence and ask God to show you how to go and do likewise.

-Dorcas’ friends wept for her. Do you know anyone who is sad? How can we comfort him or her?

-Is the Holy Spirit prompting you to do something--even something very small? Ask someone to pray for you as you obey.

Worship Song:

Holy Spirit You are Welcome Here

Memory Verse:

"But the Father will send the Friend in my name to help you.  The Friend is the Holy Spirit.  He will teach you all things.  He will remind you of everything I have said to you."  John 14:26

The following are lessons for the PreK-5th Grade Pentecost Unit: The Holy Spirit and the Followers of Jesus.  Lessons are available for Sunday morning teachers to prepare and for parents who would like to use lessons at home.






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