Unit Intro:  Love God, Love Others

As followers of Jesus, we walk in the footsteps of generations of believers before us--heroes of the faith.  Through exploration of the Story of God, witnessing people’s hearts and lives changed by Christ, we learn to see the world in a new way: to love and serve God. By the power of the Spirit, we obey and seek God’s will, putting on the full armor of God, and investing in the Kingdom. God relentlessly pursues us and those around us. We join God, and in the footsteps of Jesus, we become peacemakers, seek justice, mercy, and compassion; and carry out our mission to “go and make disciples.”

June 18th:  Paul's Missionary Journeys

As we continue to explore mission together, we focus on Saul who became Paul; a persecutor of those who followed Jesus. His life was transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. He dedicated his life to the mission of spreading the Good News and making disciples. Those who seem unlikely can be transformed by God and used for God’s mission in the world - bringing about the Kingdom of God here and now.  

Bible Story:  A New Way to See • Jesus Storybook Bible p. 334

Explore the Story....Let’s dig into God’s Word:

-Read the story together.

-I wonder what your favorite part of the story is?

-I wonder what we learn from Paul’s transformation - turning toward Jesus?

-I wonder how Ananias felt helping Saul?

-I wonder what Saul’s friends thought of him when he became Paul?

Tell A Story...Let’s share who we are as followers of Jesus:

-Adults, tell how you are being transformed by Jesus this week? What has God been up to in your life?

-Share with your child about some of your friends’ reactions when they noticed spiritual transformation in your life.

-Has God chosen an ordinary person or thing to accomplish God’s mission? Tell that story. 

What if We Lived the Story?....Let’s follow the leading of the Holy Spirit:

-Our Creator God is always at work loving and redeeming the world. Ask God to give you new eyes to see this good work.

-Seek the Holy Spirit’s leading this week; how might God be calling you to engage in mission? 

-Honestly tell God what you are willing and not willing to do. Share with God why this is so. Take time to listen after you share.

Worship Song:

God of Justice

Memory Verse:

“Be like the Son of Man [Jesus]. He did not come to be served. Instead, he came to serve others. He came to give his life as the price for setting many people free.” Matthew 20:28

The following are lessons for the PreK-5th Grade Mission Unit: Love God, Love Others.  Lessons are available for Sunday morning teachers to prepare and for parents who would like to use lessons at home.




July 2nd - No Kids Ministry - Gathering in the Park