Story Unit:  Who is a God like you?

Who is God? How does God relate to people? The epic stories of the Old Testament help us notice these questions and begin to answer them.

As we wonder each week, we will ask the question “What do you notice about God?” We will record the kids' thoughts on paper pennants and hang them in the classroom. Together we will discover God's characteristics as we consider the stories God has preserved for us. By noticing God in these stories we will gain a fuller picture of whom we serve.

Worship Song:

God of Wonders

Memory Verse:

Micah 6:8 “The Lord has told us what is good; and this is what he requires of us: to do Micah 7:18 “Lord, who is a God like you? You forgive sin. You forgive your people when they do what is wrong. You don’t stay angry forever. Instead, you take delight in showing your faithful love to them.”

Lessons for the PreK-5th Grade Mission Unit are now accessible on the curriculum page. Please email us if you have problems accessing lessons.