Unit Intro:  The Story

The story of God and God's people is important because it is the story in which we find ourselves.  It is the story that God continues to write today.  In this unit we start all the way back at the beginning, taking a look at the Creation story.  We journey together as we see God forming and calling a people to be set apart.  We witness God forming something great out of nothing, forming people into God's likeness, gifting them for service, and drawing people to the Trinity.  From the very beginning God has loved and remained faithful to us, even when we stray from God.  We can trust God because God is the author of our lives and has demonstrated faithfulness to us throughout time.  God continues to pursue us.  Will we continue to pursue our God?

September 24th:  God's Response to Sin

The story of God’s people continues as God responds to sin in the world. Noah walked with God and was led by God to build the ark that preserved life and led to a promise.

Bible Story:  Noah Builds an Ark • Genesis 6:9-7:24/Jesus Storybook Bible 38-47 [3-5th: Genesis 8:15-22 and 9:8-17]

Explore the Story....Let’s dig into God’s Word:

-Read the story together. With younger kids, maybe retell/reenact it in the bath tub with toys (boat, animals, etc).  

-I wonder why God sent the flood?

-I wonder what your favorite part of the story is?

-I wonder what you would have done if you were Noah?

Tell A Story...Let’s share who we are as followers of Jesus:

-I wonder if you would have believed Noah’s message?

-Does the story of Noah remind you of anything in your life?

-Talk about the promise God made. What is God’s continued promise to us, today?

What if We Lived the Story?....Let’s follow the leading of the Holy Spirit:

-Spend some time in prayer this week.  Use art as a medium to pray and explore God’s promise (make a rainbow out of various materials and put it in a special place).  

-What are some ways God is pursuing you and inviting you into his presence? Pay attention to the movement of the Spirit this week. Take note and discuss how you see God at work.

Worship Song:

Our God

Memory Verse:

God says, "I am the Alpha and the Omega.  I am the First and the Last.  I am the Beginning and the End."  Revelation 22:13

The following are lessons for the PreK-5th Grade Story Unit: The Story.  Lessons are available for Sunday morning teachers to prepare and for parents who would like to use lessons at home.