If you are looking for counseling referrals or financial advising, please speak with us in person or contact us for recommendations (contact@indytrinity.org).




Local Assistance

Dial 211 from any phone or click here to search the database. The link below to the Handbook of Help offers the same resources in a different format. The Handbook of Help is a fairly comprehensive list of services in the Indianapolis area (i.e. clothing, food, medical care, employment services, legal services, emergency shelters, community centers, etc.).

Recovery/Support Groups

NA 24 hour help line: 317.875.5459  

Spiritual Direction and Retreats

For spiritual direction recommendations, please contact us at contact@indytrinity.org

Group Resources

For additional resources or recommendations, please contact us at contact@indytrinity.org.  

Parenting Resources

Click here to visit our parenting and discipleship resource page. For additional recommendations, please contact Britney Yount.