Beauty and Worship: Jesus Juked or a Wind-breath Inspired People

Exodus 31

This text is important for understanding the relationship that the Creator seeks with creative and skilled people. The Lord created a beautiful and good world. God called people, gifted them, and filled them with the Spirit to participate in bringing beauty into the world as God continues to do in every generation. -James Bruckner

Other Resources:

Desiring the Kingdom by James KA Smith

Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster

Messenger, a poem by Mary Oliver

Making an Escape


Questions for reflection:

1. What are you/we/others trying to escape? The Israelites are running from the bondage of Egypt, is there something that is keeping you from your own freedom?

2. What is getting in the way? The risks the Israelites faced were real and dangerous and caused great fear. What are the risks you face as you seek liberation and what emotions do they bring about for you?

3. What are you going to do, this week, to work towards trusting God's plan for your liberation?