At Trinity, we find our understanding of “church” from the descriptions we see in the New Testament. Here, we don’t see the church described as a building or as an event that you attend on Sunday morning. The Bible depicts the church as a community following Jesus on a common mission to love God, one another and a broken world in Jesus’ name.

There are a variety of ways that life can take shape around this mission, and our church exists to encourage one another along our individual, but related paths. Rather than having a slew of programs and classes, Trinity Church is committed to simplicity in our community life. We gather each Sunday morning as a larger group to share, listen, celebrate, learn, reflect and remember together.

Then, we encourage individuals to participate in Trinity Groups-smaller gatherings that usually occur on a weeknight where we share meals and life stories, pray for each other, discuss Scripture, and much more.

Finally, we encourage one another to go into the world – neighborhoods, jobs and schools, to all of God's creation, nearby and to the ends of the earth – in order to announce and reveal, as Jesus did, that God’s kingdom (God’s will being done on earth as it is in heaven) is at hand. We have numerous local and global partners that Trinity folks are connected with, and of which you can also connect.