The mission of the Trinity Youth Ministry is to come alongside parents, who join in God's work, by engaging in relational ministry with our youth as they become followers of Jesus, participating with the Trinity community on our common mission to love God, one another, and a broken world in Jesus' name. This approach is family-centered, peer-centered and intergenerational. Here's what we mean:


We see parents as the primary spiritual influence in a teen's life, so we do all we can to equip parents as they nurture the faith of their children. We realize parenting teens can be a daunting task, so we hope to be a community of support and resources for parents.


We know how important it is for teens to be in community with their peers as they learn to follow Jesus together. We try to facilitate healthy community through small groups, service projects, special events and worship.


Mentoring relationships can have a tremendous impact on a teen's faith development. We hope every teen that is a part of Trinity's youth group will be mentored by one of our adult volunteers. It's also important that teens feel connected to the larger church, which means we try to incorporate them into worship gatherings, Trinity Groups, and service opportunities.

When We Meet

Middle School

Our 6th-8th graders meet on Sunday afternoons from 12-1:45pm in the Community Room at Trinity. We share a meal together (provided by parents on a rotating basis), play some games, dive into Scripture and break into small groups.

High School

Our 9th-12th graders meet on Sunday nights from 7-8:30pm in the Youth Room at Trinity. We catch up over dessert, play a game or two and take some time to explore what it means to follow Jesus.

Monthly Activities

Once a month, we try to find ways to get together as a youth group outside of our regular meeting times. This might be a retreat, a trip to the movies, a service project or some other opportunity to hang out.

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