Connecting into community is one of the most vital aspects of our faith journeys. Because it’s so important, we want to make it as simple as possible to connect with others at Trinity. Here’s how. 

1. Attend Trinity 101.

Every couple months, we offer a time to gather over a meal with Trinity Leadership to help you get better acquainted with Trinity: our story, values and life together. This is also a really great time for us to get to know you and find the best place to help connect you with others. Contact us at if interested.

2. Join a Group.

Groups are how most people find community at Trinity. They take all shapes and sizes. For a more in depth description, check out the Neighborhood Gatherings page on our website. Contact us at if interested in joining a group.

In addition to groups, we get together in many other ways. Here are a few other ways you can connect.

Participate and Partner

Community Conversations

From time to time, we gather on a Sunday evening in the Community Room to discuss aspects of life and faith. These conversations are some of our best opportunities to hear and know each other. The dates and times of upcoming conversations are promoted in the bulletin and eNews. 

Serve with Kids or Youth

Many of us walk with our kids and teens as they grow. You can serve on Sunday morning with kids or on Sunday afternoon with youth. To get connected with our family ministry, contact Britney Yount at britney@indytrinity.og 

Groups and Classes

The Journey

Usually beginning in September, this 22-week course will invite you to process who God is, who you are and what God wants to do through your life.  This is a facilitated course that is experienced in the context of a small group learning community.  There is a fee for the course materials/curriculum, but scholarships are available to help offset some of those costs.   To learn more about the Journey, contact us at



Trinity goers who identify as LGBTQIA+ are welcome to join us for a time of community and snacks, usually on the second Monday of each month at 6pm. Coffee, delicious snacks, good company and childcare provided. Email for more information and meeting location.


Racial Equality Discussions

A couple of times a year, we offer a guided discussion on racial equality in the US. Through several activities, we try to better understand how and why racial inequality exists today and what we can do to fight it.



Spiritual direction is a form of soul care which offers an individual the opportunity to meet with another Christian for the purpose of examining his/her relationship with God.  Director and directee meet regularly (i.e. weekly, monthly or quarterly) for conversation and prayer.  A director is not an advisor but more of a facilitator helping the directee pay attention to what God is doing in his or her life.  Those who benefit most are those who desire more of God (this description adapted from Dahlia Fraser, “Spiritual Direction—A Brief Introduction”).  If you are interested in exploring spiritual direction, you can contact Trinity’s pastors at  


mentoring in jesus’ way of life

If you are unfamiliar with Christianity, Jesus and the church and are interested in learning what it means for you to live the way of life that Jesus taught, you may want to consider being paired with someone who can mentor you.  If you do not have anyone that you feel comfortable asking to mentor you, the pastors are happy to help you connect to someone.  Once paired with a mentor, you can work together to determine how often to meet and for how long, and how much structure you want for your meetings.  If you’d like to be paired with a mentor, you can contact Trinity’s pastors at    


seasonal mentoring        

We aim to be a community where we each find Godly counsel and support from one another in our day-to-day experience of life.  There are times when we are facing a particular challenge or hardship and we long for the wisdom and support that comes from someone who can identify with our experience.  If you find yourself in a season like that and would appreciate meeting with someone in the Trinity family who might be able to identify with your situation, the pastors would be happy to help locate someone for you.  You can contact Trinity’s pastors at   


For more information on how to take part in any of these opportunities, email us at To stay in the loop with what is going on around Trinity, we recommend signing up to receive our weekly eNews. Just email us at the address above, and we'll get you signed up.