God has always been forming a people for God's purposes in the world. We believe that our participation in God's mission can only be fulfilled through relationship with one another. For this reason, we come together in smaller groups - often, and ideally, gathered in local neighborhoods. Groups are unique blends of people who journey, love, learn and serve. Groups are intended as springboards for discovering and embodying the love of Jesus in the world.

Groups usually consist of six to fifteen people and meet at various times during the week, throughout Indianapolis. Some groups meet around a specific purpose or for a defined season. Some groups function more like traditional house churches or neighborhood gatherings, others look like book clubs, or groups organized around a common passion. “Trinity Group” is the broad term we use to speak about intentionally gathering  around our common mission, outside of Sunday mornings.

Each group is different and organizes their life together in unique ways, as the Holy Spirit leads them. Most groups gather around the table and share stuff-of-life conversation each time they come together. Each group establishes its own "rhythm" for their experience together. Over the course of a month a group might study Scripture, pray, share books and ideas, discuss the teaching from a recent Gathering, laugh, play, offer encouragement and support, or engage in acts of service or social justice.

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For more information or to connect to a group, contact us at melissa@indytrinity.org.

Click here for a list of some group resources, or email us at contact@indytrinity.org.

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