Trinity is fostering a haven of belonging where wanderers and wonderers 

gather to discover and embody the love of Jesus in the world. 

Trinity believes that the values and beliefs we’ve held are best lived out in practice, as we carry out our common mission and live into our vision. Here’s what we mean when we say we are practicing hospitality, listening, learning, belonging, serving, and participating: 

Jesus is at the center of our faith journey. In his birth, life, death and resurrection, we find the most concrete expression of God's redemptive action throughout history. Because of this, we aspire to embody the love and life of Jesus in everything we do. As an act of love, we practice HOSPITALITY, inviting those who are hurting, wandering, and wondering to discover the love of Jesus.

Scripture has always had an authoritative and formative role in the life of God’s people. This is true at Trinity as well. As we discover the unfolding story of God together, we practice LISTENING to hear the Spirit and the voices of one another, LEARNING what it means to be grounded in, and following Jesus Christ, together.

Church isn’t about being perfect or even all believing the same thing. It's about a group of people who are attentive to the Spirit of God at work in us and in the world around us. We seek to join together to love one another the way Jesus did. We practice BELONGING to a family within which it is safe to worship, question, be stretched, grow and discover healing without fear of judgment or condemnation, so that our communities and world begin to flourish in the way God intends. Regardless of age, race, ability, gender, or sexual orientation, all people are invited to experience the essential dignity and intrinsic value that comes from being made in God’s image, to worship and participate in all levels of ministry, including staff and leadership positions, according to their gifting.

The Spirit of God has inspired a story of hope and redemption, declaring what God has already done, is now doing, and God’s promise for the reconciliation of all creation. In that story we learn both who we are and what we are called to do as followers of Jesus. We hold space for varying expressions of faith, including a diversity of practice and thought, for all people in our church family. We embody the love of Jesus in the world, SERVING in ways aligned with our gifts and passions, PARTICIPATING in God re-narrating the world, living the Kingdom into existence through faithful presence in everyday spaces, with simplicity, authenticity, and creativity.