Making an Escape


Questions for reflection:

1. What are you/we/others trying to escape? The Israelites are running from the bondage of Egypt, is there something that is keeping you from your own freedom?

2. What is getting in the way? The risks the Israelites faced were real and dangerous and caused great fear. What are the risks you face as you seek liberation and what emotions do they bring about for you?

3. What are you going to do, this week, to work towards trusting God's plan for your liberation?

Exodus: Into the Wilderness

Series Discussion Prompts:

-How is the Exodus story speaking to you today? 

-What do you/we need to be freed from in order to experience and know God more fully? Share with others how we can create space for healing and join in standing together when tempted to “run back.” 

-In what ways have we created God in our own image? What idols need confronted?

-What might the Spirit be inviting you to in order to have solitude and create space to hear from God in new ways?

-The wilderness often reveals things we don’t like about ourselves. Sit with those things; allow yourself to be disoriented.

-What do you sense God moving you toward as you mature and grow as a follower of Jesus? Share more with your Trinity group or a trusted friend.

-With gratitude, name the ways you notice God with us and the provisions you notice God gracing you/us with on our journey as a community. 


Series Resources:

-Braving the Wilderness by Brené Brown

-Beauty Will Save the World by Brian Zahnd

-Check out Englewood Review of Books for a wide range of reading suggestions

-A Better Story podcast by Sam Altis